Update on 2AM’s Jinwoon’s Condition Post Car Accident by Im Seulong

2AM’s Im Seulong visits Jinwoon at the hospital while the latter is recovering from surgery on October 8 after being involved in a serious car accident on October 6. Photos of the crash can be seen here.

On October 17, Im Seulong posted a rather humorous photo to help ease the worrying hearts of fans. He also wrote an update, “This is a victim concept! kekeke. It’s a concept… Please don’t worry because Jinwoon has gotten much better : ) We’re currently eating patbingsoo together.”

At quick glance, and if fans weren’t aware of the situation, it looks like Seulong is the recovering patient while Jinwoon is the visitor. Seulong poses on the bed looking knocked out while Jinwoon stares at him hunched over in a wheelchair. The table behind them has a number of packed lunch boxes, hinting that Jinwoon had frequent visitors.