Teen Top Says Good Morning with Selcas

Good morning! On stage, boy group Teen Top performs with charisma, but what do they look like when they wake up in the morning?  Scroll down and you’ll see!


This is C.A.P. who shows off his sharp jawline even when he sleeps! He is at one with his rabbit pillow. Where has his charisma gone? This innocent looking one is the leader C.A.P!

Chunji Chunji sets the bar high for morning selcas. “I want to take my own morning selca! I know what to do? Can I take it in this angle? “

L.JoeL.Joe has wrapped himself in his blanket. You are looking at L.Joe who gives a soft gaze at he camera even in the morning. Looking handsome L.Joe! 


 Wake up Niel! Show us your eyes! Niel looks “bling bling” with the morning sun shining down him.

Ricky Ricky radiates even in the morning! Look at those puppy eyes! Even his pillow is cute. 


 This is Teen Top’s maknae (youngest) Changjo. Can the maknae be this sexy? His gaze is sharp even in the morning.

 Which Teen Top morning selca is your favorite? 


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