“SNL Korea” and “SNL” To Swap Casts for SNL’s 40th Anniversary
SNL Korea” and America’s “Saturday Night Live (SNL)” are planning a special event.

An official from cable channel tvN‘s “SNL Korea” revealed on October 18, “Recently, American broadcaster NBC, which airs ‘SNL’, has proposed a special event in conjunction with Korea’s ‘SNL Korea’ for their 40th anniversary special.”

According to the official, “The production crews of ‘SNL’ and ‘SNL Korea’ are planning to 40th anniversary special together.” They are planning a sketch where the American and Korean ‘SNL’ crews are switched.

The official went on to explain, “The hosts will be shared. We are keeping in mind the need for ‘world stars’ who can be recognized by both the Korean and American audiences.”

“There is still a lot of time left so we haven’t started casting the hosts yet.” “If the plan goes through for the crew swop, on the Korean side, Shin Dong Yup and the fixed members will head to America, while on the American side, Fred Armisen and other popular crew members will visit Korea.”

The collaboration between “SNL Korea” and “SNL” is scheduled to be broadcast next September.