Fans Flood Incheon to See Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk, who is the spokesmodel of denim brand Jambangee, recently held a fansign event that attracted a huge amount of fans hoping to get a glimpse of the handsome actor. 

The event was held at 5:00 PM on October 18 near the Incheon branch of Shinsegae Mall. As more and more people gathered to see the actor that “all the women older than him want to date,” it became clear that the star is receiving a huge amount of love from the citizens. 

Fans could not hold in their excitement when Lee Jong Suk entered the event. They gave him a warm welcome, and the actor responded with his perfectly bright smile. He showed his gratitude and great manners by paying attention to every fan he met, shaking their hands and making friendly eye contact. 

The star lived up to his title of a fashionista, as he sported a simple, but polished fall outfit. By wearing a striped knit over a white shirt, he melted the females’ hearts with his soft masculine look.

Lee Jong Suk is playing the role of a swimmer in the movie “No Breathing” that premieres on October 21.