SHINee Names Their Best Choreography Points in “Everybody” Dance Practice Video

SHINee, who never fails to deliver an amazing dance performance, has finally revealed what we’ve all been waiting for- their dance practice video!

To be watched over and over again, even if you are not a dancer, SHINee has uploaded their practice video for their latest hit “Everybody,” showing us in wide shot their complicated and powerful choreography. I don’t suspect I will ever be able to mimic this dance, but I am sure there are talented Soompiers out there who will devour this video to produce a perfect cover.

The choreography for “Everybody” was produced in collaboration with Tony Testa, who previously worked on SHINee’s “Sherlock” choreography. The concept of the dance is “toy robot,” showing the members controlling and being controlled.

The video starts off with the members naming the choreography points to focus on, except it ends up turning into a list of complaints or bragging about the hard choreography. In particular, Jonghyun brags that his face is the main choreography point, to which Onew responds “Ah~,” Taemin smiles, Minho looks blank, and Key turns to just look at Jonghyun. Readers, do you agree with Jonghyun?