Seven Seasons Assures that Block B Is Not Involved in Supposed Former Agency’s Legal Trouble

A Japanese entertainment agency Be Japan has sued Block B‘s supposed former agency Very Good Entertainment and actual current agency Seven Seasons demanding compensation, sweeping up Block B once again in legal troubles.

It was reported on October 22 through a local news agency that Be Japan is suing Very Good and Seven Seasons for their lack of contract payment for Block B’s concert in Japan. Be Japan signed a contract with Very Good Entertainment early this year for a concert in Japan, paying a deposit of  20 million yen (~200,000 USD); however, Be Japan is claiming, Very Good Entertainment did not provide a concert schedule and fulfill its financial liabilities. 

Later that night, Very Good Entertainment released an official statement expressing a desire to reach an amicable agreement. It acknowledged that it had signed a contract with Be Japan, but after it was unable to manage Block B, it was in the process of discussing a settlement with Be Japan. Very Good Entertainment expressed surprise at Be Japan’s lawsuit in the midst of discussions.

Very Good Entertainment also added, “We apologize and regret that Block B and its current agency Seven Seasons have been caught up in this situation when they have nothing to do with it.”

Seven Seasons also came out to state that it did not know anything about this lawsuit until the initial report came out. It affirmed that Block B has nothing to with Be Japan and Very Good Entertainment, and that it hadn’t even received a lawsuit claim from Be Japan. It added, “As you all know, Block B’s former agency is not Very Good Entertainment but Stardom Entertainment. Seven Seasons worked with Stardom for the legal transfer of all rights regarding Block B.”  Seven Seasons revealed it has also appointed a lawyer to reveal without doubt that Seven Seasons and Block B have nothing to do with this issue.

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