Fiestar Captivates with Natural Charm in Teaser for Impending Comeback

The beautiful ladies of Fiestar will be making their comeback soon after a year since their second single “We Don’t Stop,” and to start the countdown, the group has released a teaser image.

The picture shows each member of Fiestar through a black and white filter that accentuates the natural allure of the members. All dressed in white, the girls look comfortable, delicate, and feminine with their long, silky locks and flawless skin.

Fiestar’s comeback track is titled “Curious” and is written by hit-maker Shinsadong Tiger. The track will have a simple but cute melody that will appeal to the masses with its catchy beat. This collaboration between Fiestar and Shinsadong Tiger is also drawing attention as it is one of Shinsadong Tiger’s first project at Loen Entertainment’s new label ““Collaboddari Label.

The music video teaser for “Curious” comes out October 30 at Loen Music’s Youtube channel. Who’s excited?