Ladies’ Code’s Kwon Ri Sae Dubbed the Female Wolverine

Ladies’ Code’s Kwon Ri Sae has a new nickname: WolveRisae, a combination of Wolverine and Ri Sae.

The October 23 episode of MBC’s Radio Star was joined by charming female singers Park Jiyoon, Lady Jane, Seo In Young, and Ladies’ Code’s Kwon Ri Sae.

On this day, MC Kyuhyun mentioned, “I heard your nickname was Wolverine,” and proceeded to show a recent photo of Ri Sae on MBC’s “Splash.”

The photo seemed to portray the singer’s case of excessive back hair. MC Kim Gura added, “Your back hair is Hugh Jackman’s level,” continuing to tease the singer. Taking in the jokes, Risae replied, “Since I have a lot of back hair, my nickname in the agency is Monkey Kwon,” creating laughter at her agreement.

kwon ri sae back hair

Moreover, Risae revealed, “Before going out on “Splash,” my agency made me remove my unwanted back hair, so before appearing on the show, I received a laser hair removal procedure. Yet, that’s the result,” referring to her back photo, and thus solidifying her nickname as “WolveRisae.”

However, in the end the show’s MCs tried to comfort the Ladies’ Code member by saying, “Long time ago there was a saying that if you have a lot of hair, you are beautiful,” validating Risae’s beauty. In response, the singer stated, “That’s true. Instead of having nothing, it’s always better to have many,” exhibiting an optimism that concluded the discussion in a light-hearted environment.

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