Lee Jong Suk Keeps It Humble in Interview and Pictorial for @Star1 Magazine

Actor Lee Jong Suk revealed that he reads negative comments about himself online.

Recently, actor Lee Jong Suk completed a pictorial and interview for fashion magazine @star1. He said, “I always check articles about me, and I also look myself up on internet search portals.”

He went on to say that “I feel the same way as the articles and comments that criticize my acting. The things that they see, and how I feel about it, it’s the same.” Lee Jong Suk added that, “Looking through the eyes of the viewer, I can see many shortcomings in my acting. I don’t think I’ve matured yet, and I’m trying to fix my flaws. I don’t get hurt when I see malicious comments about me on the internet.”

Lee Jong Suk has become pretty popular after appearing in dramas “School 2013,” “I Hear Your Voice,” and movie “Physiognomy.” Fans have also become raised their interest and expectations.

With regards to this, the actor commented, “I can feel expectations of me rising. If you look at my filmography, my resume is quite short, but I think I’m working my way up slowly. It’s a little bit burdensome, but I can feel that my works are neatly piling up.”

Lee Jong Suk’s pictorial and interview is available in November’s issue of @star1 magazine.

Lee Jong Suk also appears in the upcoming movie about swimming, “No Breathing,” appearing alongside Kim Woo Bin and Yuri of Girls’ Generation. It will open in theaters on October 30.

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Lee Jong Suk Star1 Lee Jong Suk Star1 Lee Jong Suk Star1 Lee Jong Suk Star1
Lee Jong Suk Star1