Variety Shows Such As Running Man May Soon Include Advertisement Breaks

An exclusive report by media outlet etoday has revealed that the Korea Communications Commission, the three major terrestrial broadcasting channels (MBC, KBS, SBS) and the general programming cable channels (jTBC, TV Joseon, Channel A, MBN) have reached an agreement that will see advertisement breaks be introduced during a program. If this report is true it means that variety shows such as Running Man and others like We Got Married and Infinity Challenge may soon include advertisement breaks during the episode. 

01시그니춰 국영문상하(기본형)The Official Regulation Body For Television Broadcasters

The issue of including advertisement breaks has been a debate that has been going on for several years now. All the broadcasters have been eager to introduce the concept to increase their advertising revenue for each program. However the concept has been pushed back for nearly a decade due to fierce opposition from the public.

However a meeting was held at the Korean Press Centre focusing on “Finding methods to invigorate the advertisement market” on October 29.

The chairperson for the Korean Communications Commission, Lee Kyung Jae, stated during this meeting that they will be preparing measures by the end of the year that will look into allowing broadcasters to air advertisement during a program along with other other measures to improve the broadcast advertisement market.

However media outlet etoday claims the Korean Communications Commission has already written up detailed plans for introduction of mid-program advertisements for the major terrestrial channels. 

무한도전.E353.무한도전 가요제 네 번째 이야기.131026.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel.avi_snapshot_01.07.26_[2013.10.29_22.15.50]Advertising Regulations Were Fairly Recently Loosened To Allow Product Placement Within Shows Such As The Coca Endorsements In Infinity Challenge

The new policy however will likely see strong opposition from the public who are not accustomed to seeing ads during the airing of a program. There could potentially be further backlash as this goes against previous statements where the KCC stated that a policy such as this, which has a large effect on society, need to be debated on after getting the general approval of the public.

Etoday also reveals that during the meeting held on October 29, the related parties has confirmed this policy with representative from various advertisement companies and held talks about the timeline and breadth of this new policy.

KCC chairperson Lee Kyung Jae during the day’s presentation claimed that the slump in the advertisement market is primarily because of the downsizing in the advertisement market and that they will announce measures to radically reform rules regarding advertisements in an effort to increase the advertisement market. 

A high up source has revealed that “Allowing mid-program advertisements has been a policy that we’ve been discussing with the government for a while” and that “The purpose of this meeting was so that the Chairperson Lee Kyung Jae can clearly state the KCC’s position on mid-program advertisements.”

Running ManVariety Shows Like Running Man Will Have Advertisements During The Program Under The New Policy

According to industry sources, the terrestrial broadcasters will most likely introduce mid-programs on variety shows such as Running Man, Infinity Challenge etc first before expanding the scope.

A industry source has claimed that “We are taking into account opposition from viewers and so we will introduce the policy on dramas at a later date.” They also confirmed that they “are expected to introduce this policy first on variety shows.”

Experts and civic groups have criticized his new policy and the timeline, stating that there isn’t enough time to get a general concession from the wider public. A representative from a civic group has stated that “There isn’t even a lot of people within the country that are even aware of the fact that terrestrial broadcasters will be introducing mid-program advertisements.”

They continued on by stating that “Pushing through a policy that has been deferred  for 20 years without even a proper debate is a dangerous idea.”

Present during the meeting on October 29 was various heads of industries, including the head of the Korea Federation Of Advertising Association,  head of the TV Broadcasting Association, head of the Cable TV Association and many other industry heads.

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