2AM’s Changmin Updates on Jinwoon’s Recovery Through a Funny Photo

2AM member Changmin updated fans on fellow member Jinwoon’s recovery.

On October 29, Changmin wrote on his Twitter, “Responding with a selca and a good luck message for my ‘God of Food Road’ filming when I sent a text asking if your leg was okay, what exactly are you? Ah~ I am receiving strength, receiving strength!” and posted a photo of his fellow member. The photo posted shows a selca of the awkwardly smiling Jinwoon, conveying the singer’s humor amid his recovery process.

jinwoon selca changmin

Jinwoon had been in a car accident earlier this month when the car he was riding in collided with a 25-ton truck, causing the singer to suffer a fractured right ankle, and a 10-centimeter long laceration.

Despite the seriousness of the accident and the diagnosis of a nine week recovery period, Jinwoon’s joking nature assured 2AM fans of the singer’s healthy recovery.