Male Soloist Shin Jae Releases MV and New Single Composed by Hwayobi

You may be familiar with male solo singer Shin Jae from his many contributions to drama OST, such as for “Gu Family Book, “49 Days,” and “Warrior Baek Dong Soo.” After releasing a studio album earlier this year, he is back with a new single album and its title track “I Hope You Come Back Because of This Song.”

“I Hope You Come Back Because of This Song” is composed and written by fellow singer Hwayobi. She also contributed her sultry R&B voals to the background chorus of the song, showing great teamwork with Shin Jae. 

Also included in the album is the “Gu Family Book” OST track “Love Rain” and the “Wonderful Mama” OST track “I Won’t Do That Kind of Love.”Check out 

Check out the track and sad music video below which uniquely features non-Korean actors as leads.

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