Lee Jong Suk on Quitting SNS: “I’m a Little Unstable…”

On October 31, Lee Jong Suk appeared on Yoo In Na’s “Turn Up the Volume” radio program.

When asked if there was a certain reason why he stopped using SNS after August 24, and if he plans to come back, Lee Jong Suk answered that he doesn’t think he will anytime soon.

He explained, “I feel like if I were to use SNS when I’m a little unstable, I would just write useless things. Sometimes, without even thinking, I post what’s on my mind. It’s something I could just write in a personal diary, but people are like that.”

He continued that updates on his current activities are okay, and he’ll return to SNS when he’s a little more settled, but not right away. The actor playfully added, “I’m still doing work, aren’t I?” and that he would keep fans updated through his various activities. 

Lee Jong Suk’s new movie, “No Breathing,” also starring Seo In Guk and Yuri (Girls’ Generation), recently premiered on October 30.

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