[Soompi Spotlight] Energetic Performances by A Pink, NU’EST and A-JAX at “Vizit Korea” in Singapore

The sixth edition of annually-held “Korea Festival” in Singapore took place over three days from October 25 to 27 at the Singapore Expo hall 5. Organized by The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, three groups of K-Pop artists- A Pink, NU’EST and A-Jax- were also in town to put up energetic performances for fans while actor Song Dong Il and actress Lee Chae Young greeted fans at the press conference and opening ceremony on the first day. 


NU’EST, Lee Chae Young, Song Dong Il and A Pink at the press conference.



NU’EST recommended shopping at Dongdaemun and to try food such as kimbab and ddeokbboki when in Korea.



A Pink recommended Jeju island as the place to visit as the scenery there is beautiful. 



NU’EST with Lee Chae Young.


Song Dong Il visited Singapore with his wife and son Song Joon, who appears in “Daddy, Where Are We Going?” program together with him.


Song Dong Il who made a special appearance only at the press conference and opening ceremony thanked fans for loving Korean dramas and movies, and the Korean culture. He also added, “When I go back to Korea I’m gonna tell them that Singapore is the cleanest country in the world! The people here are very friendly; I’ll definitely recommend Singapore (for filming a special episode of “Daddy, Where Are We Going?”). The best thing (about having my son on the program) is I get to hang out with him during the show. The bad thing is my son is getting a little spoilt,” drawing much laughter from the audience.


Baekho: Thank you so much for having us here, we feel so honored to be here. Please love K-Pop and NU’EST.



Aron: I would probably say “Beautiful Ghost” is my favorite song, it’s sort of dark and strong within the album.



Ren: My favorite song is “Don’t Wear Revealing Clothes” because I like the melody and the lyrics. 


JR: My favorite song on this album is “Pretty”. We decided to introduce our song “Pretty” in Singapore for the first time.


Minhyun: My favorite song is “I’ll Love You More”; it’s a love song so everyone likes it. 


  Baekho: My favorite song is “Beautiful Ghost”; we really enjoy performing the song.


DJ Wallace from radio Love 972 with his co-host Lee Chae Young.



VIPs and artists posed for a group photo with Little Angels of Korea.


NU’EST who has made a comeback in August with “Sleep Talking” also gave the audience a preview of their showcase which would take place on the second day. The audience was then entertained and wowed by an impressive Taekwondo demonstration from the Hyun Taekwondo Academy. A Pink’s “Secret Garden in Singapore” concert kicked off immediately after.




 The lovely ladies who were all decked out in pink polka dot dresses, belted out song after song in their saccharin sweet voices.


Thai fans don pink panda caps in support, and one of them was very lucky to be picked to receive a gift from the girls on stage.

The girls performed “I Don’t Know,” “My My,” “U You,” “Bubibu,” “Lovely Day,” “19th of April,” and “No No No“. Lucky fans who were picked in a draw not only took home A Pink’s autographed CDs, gifts prepared by the girls themselves but also received hugs and photos with them. Fans in the mosh pits also couldn’t contain their excitement; cheers and screams were heard throughout the girls’ performances.


Eunji is one of the most popular in the group.


The girls themselves had a fun time on stage too.


Bomi sending hearts to Pink Pandas.


Chorong picking out lucky fans.


Bomi, Chorong, Namjoo


Next: Day Two of “Vizit Korea” with NU’EST

The highlight of the second day is urban electro band NU’EST. The boys were last in Singapore back in June but presented fans with songs from their latest album “Sleep Talking” at this “NU’EST in Singapore with LOVE” concert. NU’EST performed a whopping 10-song set consisting of “Face,” “Action,” “Not Over You,” “Beautiful Ghost,” “Sleep Talking,” “Pretty,” “Hello,” “Introduce Me To Your Noona,” “Sandy,” and “Beautiful Solo” to much delight of the fans. 

Watch NU’EST perform “Pretty” in this clip below. It was their first time doing it! 

video credit: gestron99



Aron: We have came out with a new album that hasn’t been heard in Singapore. We have a lot of new stages to show today so we hope you enjoy the show.



 Baekho: I saw the Singapore Flyer when we were on the way here. I really want to try going up there.


 Why is Ren so pretty?! Even a fanboy couldn’t resist shouting his name out of a sudden and got everyone else very amused by the action.



Aron: Don’t laugh at me. I’m doing a good job here reading the names and addresses (of fans off the slips of paper he was holding). 



Don’t you think Minhyun has become even better looking? 


Aron and Ren reading the names of fans on the lucky draw slips.



 Lucky fans got to take a group photo with NU’EST.


Taking time to interact with fans after performing “Sleep Talking.” When asked what is their favorite food in Singapore, the group answered it’s Chicken Rice and Chili Crab.


 Another group of lucky fans were randomly picked from the audience to receive the boys’ personal items.


 Leader JR showed off a boyish smile in this shot.


A high-five session took place at the end of the concert, allowing all the fans to go on stage to high-five with the boys. NU’EST was all smiles when they met their fans. Some female fans managed to hug the boys as well, and I’m sure everyone went home happy!






 This fan got to lock fingers with Aron!!!


Next: Day Three of “Vizit Korea” with A-JAX

The last day of the three-day festival featured A-JAX as a last-minute replacement for actress Lee Yuri who was withdrawn from the program without any explanation from the organizers. Although the crowd was seemingly much smaller as compared to the first two days, A-JAX put in their best efforts nevertheless as this was their first time to visit and perform in Singapore.




Sungmin from A-JAX did not join them on this visit due to injury, but fans were not disappointed at all with the lively performances by the rest of the members, HyeongkonJaehyungHyojunYunyoungSeungjin and Seungyub. They performed “One 4 U,” “Hot Game,” “Never Let Go,” “2MYX,” a cover of “Boys Over Flowers” theme song “Because I’m Stupid“, before closing the night with “Insane“.



 Hyeongkon is the “Macho Man” in the group.


A-JAX’s main vocal Yunyoung has a pretty amazing voice!



Jaehyung is a darling to both fans and media, posing for photos at every opportunity!



Seungyeob is very photogenic, isn’t he?



Hyojun reminds me of BEAST‘s Kikwang and Big Bang‘s Seungri! He really knows how to capture the hearts of ladies and fans with his winks and smiles!



Kudos to A-JAX for putting up their best performance even though the turnout was a little dismaying…


Seungjin looks bright and full of boyish charm in this hair color- suits him to a T.



During a game segment, the boys paired up to play “scissors, paper, stone” with fans and media. Two lucky fans who won against the boys received a gift prepared by A-JAX. There was also a high-five session with A-JAX whereby the media friends got lucky this time round and were invited on stage to high-five with A-JAX as well!

Special thanks to MediaCorp VizPro International for inviting Soompi to attend the festival.

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