2AM Announces Upcoming Concert in December

Mark your calendars as 2AM will hold their official concert in December.

The four member vocal group announced on November 1 through their Youtube channel that they will be holding their official concert titled “-Nocturne-.” The concert, planned to be held on December 7 and 8, will embody the talent and melody of the vocal group, allowing 2AM to meet with their fans during the special two nights.

2am nocturne concert 2

The title of the concert, “-Nocturne-“conveys the heart of the vocal group as the members look forward to bringing melodies of different personalities to their fans. Despite the recent car accident and injury of member Jung Jinwoon, the group plans to provide the best performances that showcase the dynamic hearts of the four members’ voices through the concert.

Fans of 2AM can meet the group at the “-Nocturne-“concert that will be held in Seoul at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium on December 7, 2013 starting at 6PM and December 8, 2013 starting at 5PM.