Tablo Says the Shoulder Sling Can Come Off By December 6

On the November 3 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Sunday – Superman Returns,” Tablo revealed that he could take his sling off by December 6. It was noted by several media outlets that due to Tablo’s injury, Epik High had to further postpone their anticipated comeback date.

It’s been about a month since the actor first injured his shoulder on October 1, when he was performing in China for a concert. The rapper received surgery for the fractured shoulder and reassured fans that he was doing fine. 

In that same episode of “Superman Returns,” Tablo took Haru to work at YG Entertainment and she revealed a part of a song off Epik High’s 10th Anniversary special album by accident. Tablo recovered the situation saying, “Haru almost revealed our 10th anniversary album…” 

Tablo is currently filming “Superman Returns” with his lovable four-year-old daughter Haru. Fans will adore their interactions and be able to see that Tablo is just as much of a doting father as he is an artist!


from Tablo’s Instagram