Narsha and Miryo to Form Brown Eyed Girls’ Sub-unit

Sexy and powerful girl group Brown Eyed Girls is ready to show more of their skills and color with the formation of its first sub-unit, consisting of members Narsha and Miryo.

The Narsha-Miryo duo is expected to come out with an album mid-November, according to Nega Network. A rep from the agency also added that preparation for the sub-unit’s debut is almost complete.

With Narsha’s powerful vocals and Miryo’s distinct rap flow, there is high expectation and interest in what music, style, and color this duo will bring. Both members have released solo albums before, and it will be interesting to see what the collaboration of these two unique artists will sound like. Currently, there is no additional information on the concept or the exact release date of the album. Stayed tuned to Soompi for updates!

Who’s excited?

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