Lee Jong Suk Cameos on “Potato Star” with a Parody of “I Hear Your Voice”

Actor Lee Jong Suk appeared on the 15th episode of “Potato Star” with a parody of his popular old drama “I Hear Your Voice” together with actor Lee Soon Jae

In a photo that tvN released, Lee Jong Suk, soaked in rain, hugs Lee Soon Jae from the back, reenacting the famous romance scene from “I Hear Your Voice.” 

Lee Jong Suk waits in the rain for Lee Soon Jae, and when he finally shows up, says, “Because I can’t miss you on a rainy day,” using the exact line from “I Hear Your Voice,” bringing laughter as well as nostalgic memories of the popular drama.

The producers commented, “It was cool seeing the contrast between Lee Jong Suk’s character, who can hear things that others can’t, and Lee Soon Jae’s character Noh Song, who can’t hear things that others can, and needs to wear a hearing aid.” 

Lee Jong Suk’s “I Hear Your Voice” co-star Jung Woong In also made an appearance in the episode, so be sure not to miss it! 

“Potato Star” is the comedic story of the troubles of the Noh family after a ‘potato star’ lands on Earth.

The cameo episode (episode 15) aired on November 4.

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