B1A4’s Sandeul Is Accepted into Myongji University

Add B1A4‘s Sandeul to the list of newly admitted college freshman for the upcoming school year!

B1A4’s agency WM Entertainment spoke with My Daily on November 4 and said, “Sandeul has been accepted into the Myongji University’s film and musical studies program. He received his acceptance notice on November 2.”

The agency continued, “Sandeul has a dream of becoming a musical actor and wanted to learn more about the musical field. So he always wanted to get into a musical studies program. After receiving his acceptance notice, Sandeul was very happy to become a college freshman.”

Meanwhile, B1A4’s CNU is studying theater at Hanyang University while Jinyoung is studying theater in Cheongju University. Baro is preparing to enter university in the 2014 semester. Gongchan has not applied for a college entrance exam yet.

Congratulations to Sandeul!