[Exclusive] Demion Autographed CD Giveaway and Interview!

What’s up, Soompiers!

Rookie boy group Demion made its debut on September 27 this year with single “Ask Her Out” starring Woo Joo of Wa$$up. The group consists of five members Yoon, Sun, Nak Hun, Hae Geun, and Sang Bum, who aren’t really rookies for they have already performed on small and large stages over forty times before their official release.

Check out the interview below!

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Additionally, Soompi is giving away nine autographed CDs of “Ask Her Out.” The giveaway will last for four days, from Wednesday, November 6 7pm (KST) to Sunday, November 10 7pm (KST). We will be announcing the winners in the article throughout the contest duration so make sure to come back and take a look!!

To enter the contest all you have to do is:

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  3. Tweet: “@soompi is giving away 9 Demion Autographed CDs! Click here for more info! http://bit.ly/177cIyb #SoompiDemion”

IMPORTANT: Please note that we will contact you through Twitter if you’re one of the lucky winners, so don’t forget to check your mentions! You will need to get back to us in the next 24 hours after our message or the opportunity will be given to another fan!

Good luck everyone!

@Winner’s Circle@
– 11/7: @caliophe20
– 11/7: @LourdesLee_
– 11/8: @baowenn
– 11/8: @candyhugx
– 11/9: @NessiBCP
– 11/9: @xxLoveRguRL21xx
– 11/9: @chicclown
– 11/10: @Glass_Fl0w3r (pending)
-11/10: @MrsMyungie13 (pending)

By the way, did you check out the music video for “Ask Her Out” yet?


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