Lee Kwang Soo Takes a Trip to Alaska

Actor and entertainer Lee Kwang Soo recently shared photos from his latest visit to Alaska. 

Lee Kwang Soo updated fans on Twitter with photos on November 5. He also included the message, “Alaska has beautiful and scenic places. So excited!” 

In one photo, Lee Kwang Soo takes a successful jump shot against the breathtaking backdrop of Alaska’s snowcapped mountains and coniferous forests. In the second photo, Lee Kwang Soo opts for an artsy photo this time as a dark figure standing by the road while staring off into the hazy distance. The beloved “giraffe” appears to be having a ball despite the freezing temperatures. 

Netizens commented, “Alaska looks beautiful covered in snow”, “Fly, fly away, giraffe!” and “Wow, Lee Kwang Soo looks like a model”!