Movie “The Suspect” Releases Topless Images of Gong Yoo

Before reading this article, inhale and exhale, then stretch your vocal chords because the recently released stills of Gong Yoo in his new movie “The Suspect” will make you scream in utter awe.

On November 5, “The Suspect” released new movie stills of a topless Gong Yoo. Unlike his previous roles of soft, well mannered characters, Gong Yoo’s newest movie involves violence and bad boy remarks as the actor takes on an action movie for the first time in his acting career.

Portraying character Ji Dong Chul, Gong Yoo plans to expand his acting parameters as “The Suspect” addresses loss, death, action, and revenge. The movie follows former special agent Ji Dong Chul who represents perfection through his outstanding intelligence, ability in various martial arts, excellent performance progression, and inability to give up. Yet, the model special agent’s life is shaken when his family is murdered, causing a chase after the suspected culprit.

gong yoo the suspect

In order to portray special agent Ji Dong Chul, who passed and survived through rigorous training, Gong Yoo prepared through special action and martial arts training, resulting in the actor’s toned body.

The results of Gong Yoo’s movie training are evident through the released topless movie stills, revealing the actor’s six pack, muscular arms, and broad shoulders. The body oil doesn’t help in cooling down the actor’s awe inducing, tanned body. Apart from simply being a good looking actor, Gong Yoo’s professionalism shined through the actor’s dedication in perfecting his character through intense preparations.

With scars and bruises covering his body, the emotion filled images of Gong Yoo has stirred anticipation for the upcoming movie. “The Suspect” includes thrilling action scenes predicted to make viewers squirm at the edge of their seat, as Gong Yoo perfects his character Ji Dong Chul through the suspenseful, physical, action packed movie.

Gong Yoo returns to the big screen after two years since starring in the movie “The Crucible (Dogani).” “The Suspect” is set to be released in December 2013.