“Daddy! Where Are You Going?” Sends a Love Call to Kwon Sang Woo

Despite recently denying rumors of a new season, it has been reported that MBC’s “Daddy! Where Are You Going?” has sent a love call to actor Kwon Sang Woo.

According to the show’s representative, they are working hard to persuade Kwon Sang Woo to join the program. “‘Daddy! Where Are You Going?’ has a strong emphasis on the personalities of the fathers and the children. Kwon Sang Woo and his son Ruk Hee are receiving a positive response from the public for their family-oriented image,” the source explained as the reason for the love call.

The top actor is currently acting in MBC’s drama “Medical Top Team” and has been loved by the viewers for his role as a talented and warm-hearted doctor. The representative added, “Kwon Sang Woo, Son Tae Young, and Ruk Hee are gaining interest amongst the online communities. Despite being a top star couple, they stay humble and do not care about people staring at them even when they enjoy a meal outside or pay a visit to an amusement park.”

However, Kwon Sang Woo’s side revealed, “We have heard that ‘Daddy! Where Are You Going?’ has expressed their interest in adding him to the cast, but the idea of joining a variety show is uncomfortable. We realize that their intentions are good, but the child is still young so we have to think about this carefully before making a decision.”

If the actor decides to join the second season of the highly popular show, the ratings will most likely be explosive. Fans are hoping to see if Kwon Sang Woo lives up to his title as a “friend-like daddy” on screen as well.

“Daddy! Where Are You Going?” is currently in talks with the current members to set the end date of season one.