[Announcement] Come Join the Soompi Beta Live Chat!

Hi Soompiers! This is Noona, your friendly neighborhood editor. 

The Soompi Team, consisting of editors, writers, and forum mods, are always trying to think of new ways to improve Soompi.com, the international sites, Soompi Shop, and the forums. Sometimes we get things right, but sometimes it’s more of a learning process. Either way, we are all here because we love K-Pop and Soompi. We hope you feel the same way. 

One of our goals is to strengthen the already awesome community here at Soompi. After all, you are what makes Soompi great!

Therefore, I am very happy to invite you to our official Soompi Beta Live Chat THIS SATURDAY/FRIDAY! We’ve had live chats on Soompi before, and they were a great place for Soompiers to chat and get to know one another. This time, members of the Soompi team, including myself, will be there to answer any questions and take suggestions. Not only will you be able to talk about K-pop, the Soompi Ulzzang Contest, and whatever else, but your thoughts and concerns about Soompi can be heard (read) by the Soompi team. Founder and Ambassador of Awesome, Soompi, might drop by! 

The chat will be here on the main page so make sure to come by the site starting from 10AM KST*Saturday, November 9. The chat room will be official for the day (or night) so feel free to drop by anytime. 

Hope to see you there! 

*Friday November 8 5pm (Pacific) and 8pm (Eastern) USA. 

Noona is a Senior Editor at Soompi.com. She is very proud of her “We Got Married” recaps and the Weekly Roundup. Follow her on Twitter and/or Instagram for behind the scenes updates on what the Soompi Team is up to. 

[Edit] Noona was tired and accidentally wrote that it was the 12th. It’s tomorrow!