Kan Mi Youn Stays Cool When Talking About Dating Rumors with Moon Hee Jun

On November 6, first generation idol group Baby Vox member Kan Mi Youn was a guest on “Radio Star” where she kept her cool with witty remarks and comebacks even when the MCs playfully attacked her about the dating rumors with H.O.T member Moon Hee Jun.

Although these dating rumors started 14 years ago, talks about Kan Mi Youn and Moon Hee Jun are still ongoing to this day. As expected, the “Radio Star” MCs didn’t hesitate to tease her about the ex-H.O.T member. Kim Goo Ra asked, “Is it okay if I go to watch your play with Moon Hee Jun?” To that, Kan Mi Youn answered, “You can come anytime because it will help with the PR.”

When the discussion officially turned to Kan Mi Youn and her dating rumor, she kept her cool by not saying much about it. The MCs mentioned that Moon Hee Jun talked about her quite a few times on broadcast, which led Kan Mi Youn to coolly respond, “I don’t know why he did that,” and “Please stop talking about me on broadcast.” She also added that she never mentioned him even once on TV.

Eventually, Kan Mi Youn stated, “Let’s stop this right here for today. Later on, call me on this show again with him together.” This level-headed response surprised the MCs as Kim Goo Ra commented “Let’s call Moon Hee Jun, Kan Mi Youn, Kangta and Park Ji Yoon,” adding on the latter two guests as they were also involved in past dating rumors.

Kan Mi Youn also shared that she received some frightening threats back in the days when the rumors first began such as box cutter knife pieces and even letters written in blood. She finally added that she always felt apologetic toward her Baby Vox members because of the threats and other things that weighed them down because of those rumors.

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