Suzy, Fei, Minah, and Eunji Will Be Featured on “Happy Together 3″

Happy Together 3” will be featuring Suzy and Fei (Miss A), Minah (Girl’s Day), and Eunji (A-Pink).

An official from KBS Entertainment said on November 9 to Star News that these four idols would be recording for “Happy Together” that day.

The topic of the show will be ‘girl groups and ‘uncle’ fans’ (‘uncle’ meaning ‘older guy’), and the girls will be sharing some fun episodes that they have had with fans during their promotional activities.

Specifically, their ‘uncle’ fans will be making an appearance on the show, including some fans with whom the girls have had a special relationship with.

For Suzy (Miss A), this will be her first appearance on “Happy Together 3” in a year since last October. It is the first time in a while for Fei, as well, whose last time on the show was this past May, where her late night snack made it onto the “Happy Together” menu after great reviews from the MCs.

Minah and Eunji, after their album promotions, have finally made their way back to variety programs, and this will be their first appearance on “Happy Together 3.”

Look out for this episode, airing on November 14!