Fans of VIXX’s Leo Donate to Charity

It recently became known that the fans of VIXX member Leo have performed a good deed, showing their support for their favorite idol and their kind hearts.

Leo’s fansite “Beautiful Monster, Millet for Leo” has decided to donate funds for a well in Cambodia and school supplies for children in Africa. Leo fans’ stated, “We decided to donate in Leo’s name because we thought it would be a meaningful gift in consideration of Leo’s interest in charity. We hope that the children in the poor nations of Asia and Africa will be able to build their dreams in a good environment.”

The charity campaigns that the fans are participating in are part of World Share‘s “Africa School Support Campaign” and “Cambodia Well Support Campaign.” World Share is a Korean NGO that works in over 30 countries around the word.

It’s always heart-warming to hear about the good deeds of K-Pop fans.