SNL Korea Parodies Trouble Maker’s “Now” MV

What’s a hit without a parody?

The weekend skit variety show “SNL Korea” aired a parody of Trouble Maker‘s headlining “Now” music video that featured actress Kim Gyu Ri and comedian Yoo Se Yoon as HyunA and Hyun Seung, respectively. The two performers brought a comedic twist to the dramatic and sexy video by changing the lyrics to be about hwatu, a Korean gambling card game. The parody shows Kim Gyu Ri and Yoo Se Yoon playing hwatu as well, with Yoo Se Yoon’s life at risk due to his gambling habits. He even performs his own version of The Joker, which doesn’t have quite the same terrifying effect as Hyun Seung’s.

This episode of “SNL Korea” aired November 9, and the parody video has been released through the show’s official Youtube channel. Check it out below, and tell us what you think? Sexy, funny, or fail?