Brown Eyed Girls’ Sub-unit M&N Debuts with “Tonight” Single and Music Video

Brown Eyed Girls’ first sub-unit M&N makes their debut today with “Tonight” single and music video.

“Tonight” is styled in urban hip-hop, composed by JeA and Lee Kyu Hyun. The lyrics are written by the M&N duo, Narsha and Miryo. The agency Nega Network stated, “‘Tonight’ has an easy sound that  is produced by Miryo and Narsha’s unique harmony and skills.” M&N is also releasing an English verision of “Tonight.”

The music video is as easy to view as the track is easy to listen to, taking fans behind the scenes of the album jacket shoot for “Tonight.” 

Unfortunately, Narsha and Miryo won’t be promoting this song on television.

What do you think of M&N’s debut single?