Lee Kwang Soo and 2PM’s Chansung Cast Together in New Movie

2PM’s Chansung has been cast as the male lead in the upcoming movie, “5 Eagle Brothers.”

Chansung begins filming for the movie this week, working with actors Yoon Sang Hyun, Song Sae Byuk, and Lee Aiee.

The movie follows five brothers who experience a deal of trouble after trying to revive family affections. Hwang Chansung plays Soo Geun who dreams of becoming a police officer. Despite seemingly hot-tempered, Soo Geun’s warm heart portrays the value of family in the upcoming movie.

“5 Eagle Brothers” has additionally announced Lee Kwang Soo as a cast member of the movie. The addition of Lee Kwang Soo, known for his funny character on SBS’ “Running Man” has amped up the excitement for the movie. Furthermore, the star-studded line-up has caused many to anticipate the upcoming movie as the heart-warming plot and its cast of talented actors have made “5 Eagle Brothers” a must watch movie.

The movie “5 Eagle Brothers” is set to release next year.