Lee Da Hee Shows Her 3-Combo Revenge Towards Ji Sung

Talk about payback. Lee Da Hee expressed her cute version of revenge to fellow actor Ji Sung.

On November 10, staff of KBS2TV’s “Secret Love” posted behind the scene photos of Lee Da Hee and Ji Sung. Yet, the photos portrayed a deeper, sillier story than simple behind the scene images.

The photos showed Lee Da Hee’s secret and mischievous revenge towards a clueless Ji Sung. The three images dubbed Lee Da Hee’s subtle actions as the three-combo revenge, while the actress’ comic poses showed the reality of the close relationship between the casts.

secret love lee da hee

Although Lee Da Hee’s character, Se Yeon, repeatedly experiences heartbreak by Ji Sung’s character Min Hyuk, in reality it seems as if Lee Da Hee has the upper hand, by sticking her tongue out at him when he’s not looking, pretending to hit his head, or preparing to elbow him.The photos revealed a light-hearted, friendly atmosphere of the filming set, in stark comparison to the dark, melodramatic nature of “Secret Love.”