Ailee’s Agency Releases Official Statement Regarding Her Nude Photos

The name “Ailee” has been topping the news headlines from local news agencies today, which reported on one U.S. K-Pop site‘s article on nude photos of a female who purportedly looked like Ailee pre-debut.

These photos generated various responses from fans and netizens in Korea and overseas, as well as the local media. Different reports regarding the source and validity of the photos were released, with several comparing past photos of Ailee to the female in the photos at issue, while others reported on the origin and leak of the photos.

In particular, local news agency Dispatch released details of a phone conversation that it had with Ailee’s alleged ex-boyfriend who claimed to be the source of these photos. In a phone conversation dated July 19, 2013, the “ex-boyfriend” approached Dispatch saying he had nude photos of Ailee and was wondering if Dispatch was interested in them. When Dispatch responded that there might be issues with the sale of photos a person received personally, the “ex-boyfriend” replied that Dispatch’s answer was different from another media outlet- he would contact that one. The conversation went on with Dispatch warning the “ex” of the legality of his actions.

Another media outlet Star Today reported that according to a music industry insider, who wished to remain anonymous, there was someone who had been threatening Ailee and her agency about a video, asking for them to meet his/her demands.

In response to this various reports, Ailee’s agency,YMC Entertainment, initially stated to various news agencies that it was in the process of confirming, and during the wait, the agency’s website went down presumably due to high traffic.

Most recently, YMC Entertainment released an official statement that confirmed that the female in the photos at issue was indeed Ailee and also offered an explanation. It said, “We’ve confirmed that those photos were taken for camera test after Ailee received a model casting offer for a famous American underwear company while she was living in the U.S.” The agency explained, “Ailee was told that she needed to take the nude photos for an accurate examination of her body, and she agreed to take them under the belief that since it was for a famous underwear company, all information would be secure.”

YMC Entertainment continued that after there was no response from the alleged underwear company in question, Ailee became concerned and reported the issue to the local police. Ailee learned from the police that several other females were scammed in a similar matter, but due to a lack of evidence, there were no arrests. After reporting to the police, Ailee, who was nervous and concerned, consulted with her ex-boyfriend who currently works at the U.S. K-Pop site mentioned previously. During their conversation, her ex-boyfriend asked to see the photos in order to give accurate advice, and Ailee sent them to him.

The agency concluded that it will be taking legal action against the person who leaked the photos. It also asked for support and understanding for Ailee, who is first just another female before she is a singer, and was young and immature when this issue took place.

None of the sources linked to in this article contain nude photos of Ailee. 

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