Lee Kwang Soo to Dub for “Dinosaur Adventures 3D” Movie Character

“Asia’s Prince” Lee Kwang Soo will be taking on the role of a voice actor for the very first time!

On November 11, 20th century Fox Korea, the distributing company for movie Dinosaur Adventure 3D,” announced, “Lee Kwang Soo has been cast as the actor to dub for the main character Patchi.”

The movie “Dinosaur Adventure” takes place 70 million years ago in Alaska, where a small dinosaur named Patchi, who must gather the courage to heroically lead his herd through various obstacles placed by mother nature. Patchi is the smallest and weakest dinosaur among his brothers, who survives a tragedy to become the biggest hero for his herd. 

Lee Kwang Soo showed enthusiasm for his role saying, “It’ll be a new challenge to play the role of a dinosaur, so I think it will be really fun. I can’t wait for the finished product after all the voice dubbing is completed since the scale of the movie production is large and the movie carries much emotion.” 

“Dinosaur Adventure 3D” is also known by its other title “Walking With Dinosaurs 3D” and will hit theaters in Korea on December 19.

Check out the english trailer below!