“Reply 1994” Cast Makes Promises for Higher Ratings

Characters from the show “Reply 1994″ appeared on twitter to make promises related to higher ratings for the show.

According to the rating index, the eighth episode of Reply 1994, entitled “The Effect of a Moment’s Choice on Your Life,” scored an average rating of 7.1%, with a high of 8.6%. It was the highest rated show on cable, satellite and IPTV.

Characters from the show have made promises if the ratings go up. Do Hee, who plays the role of Jo Yoon Jin, said that she would give free hugs in Myeongdong if the ratings were higher than 7%. Also Jeong Woo (role of Garbage) and Yoon Yeon Seok (role of Chil Bong Hee) promised that if the ratings exceed 10% they would give out free hugs in Myeongdong as well. Go Ah Ra (role of Seong Na Jeong) promised some of her cherished items, while Kim Seung Hyun (role of Sam Cheon Po) and Son Ho Jun (role of Hae Tae) promised to make an appearance on the streets of Myeongdong if the ratings were over 10%. If the ratings soared to over 17%, they all promised free-giveaways.

Netizens responded “I hope the ratings go up 10% because of these promises,” “Free hugs from Do Hee!” and “It would be better if they do it in a group.”

reply 1994 cast

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