Na Young Suk PD Compares Lee Seo Jin and Lee Seung Gi as “Baggage Boys”

Na Young Suk PD slightly revealed his post-trip thoughts after returning from Croatia with the new “Nunas Over Flowers” cast.

Na Young Suk along with the “Nunas Over Flowers” team returned from Croatia on November 10 after finishing filming.

During an interview, Na Young Suk shared, “It was a good trip. Since the main cast was all female, they were filled with emotions and had great reactions. The atmosphere was entirely different from the grandpa team.”

He also mentioned the new “baggage boy,” Lee Seung Gi by saying, “He was supposed to be the baggage boy but he ended up being baggage himself,” as a joke.

“Since Lee Seung Gi is still young, he never had to lead such big-time seniors like this before. So there were a lot of times when he was very lost and very flustered,” Na PD explained.

Na PD added, “Lee Seung Gi’s specialty, his heodang (person who falls short of the things they do or say) charm came out a lot. He was a baggage boy who was completely different from Lee Seo Jin.”

Lastly, Na PD commented, “It was a very fun trip. Viewers will be able to experience a new kind of fun that is different from the grandpa series.”

Meanwhile, “Nunas Over Flowers” will start airing at the end of November. Catch a sneak peek of the nunas in Croatia and read about how Lee Seung Gi felt about returning to variety!