Lim Chang Jung Talks About U-Kiss’ Dongho Leaving the Group and Clears Up Rumors

Singer/actor Lim Chang Jung recently talked about his labelmate U-Kiss’ Dongho leaving the group.

On November 13, Lim Chang Jung was a guest on the MBC variety show, “Radio Star.” During the show, he talked about how his agency’s CEO was a great help to his popularity, which is why he decided to re-sign. As he talked about his agency, he also mentioned Dongho, who left the group last month.

Lim Chang Jung shared, “My CEO told me about Dongho even before it hit the media. When I asked, ‘Will you be alright even if the articles get published,’ the CEO answered, ‘What can I do? Dongho says he’s exhausted so there’s nothing I can do.'”

Lim Chang Jung continued, “I heard that Dongho still had time left until his contract with the company expired. But the CEO said, ‘What good is it if I try to hold onto Dongho, when he says that he has a different path other than the path of a celebrity?’ I really don’t think there is any other CEO or producer like ours.”

This cleared up the many doubts and suspicions that revolved around the company after news of Dongho hit the media.

Meanwhile, other guests for this episode of “Radio Star” included Jung Sung Hwa, Choi Hyun Woo and Maeng Seung Ji.

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