[Updated with Transcript] Dispatch Releases Audio Recording of Phone Call with Ailee’s Ex-Boyfriend

On the morning of November 14, news agency Dispatch released the audio recording of their phone call with Ailee’s ex-boyfriend. The video was shared through their official Dispatch YouTube channel.

As we previously reported, after news that Ailee’s nude photos have been shared online, Dispatch released a statement that they had previously been contacted by someone who claimed to be Ailee’s ex-boyfriend and had nude photos he wanted to sell. When Dispatch responded that there might be issues with the sale of photos a person received personally, the ex-boyfriend replied that Dispatch’s answer was different from another media outlet- he would contact that one. The conversation went on with Dispatch warning the “ex” of the legality of his actions.

The conversation in the audio recording goes exactly as Dispatch reported, with the Dispatch employee repeatedly warning the caller about the consequences of his actions. 

On November 13, Ailee’s agency clarified the origins of the photos. “Ailee was scammed into taking nude photos for a fake lingerie company. We have records that she reported this matter to the police. The police agency in U.S. also has the records. What we said is the truth.”

The agency also added, “The important thing is to find the culprit and get Ailee back on track. Still, it was very frustrating that not only netizens, but also some media outlets have expressed their doubts on her story.”

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[Update] Here is the transcription of the audio recording. 

Ex-boyfriend: I have several photos.

Dispatch: What kind of photos?

E: I have photos of singer Ailee. I want to know if Dispatch is interested or not.

D: What kind of photos?

E: Totally exposed photos.

D: What kind of ‘totally exposed’ photos are you talking about?

E: She’s not wearing anything, from the front to back.

D: You’re saying you have nude photos?

E: Yes, her face and everything shows.

D: Where did you get the photos? What are the origins?

E: I think it will be difficult to tell you personally.

D: I need to know that to tell you if we can report it or not. We can’t report it if you just tell us that they’re exposed photos.

E: I received them.

D: Who did you receive it from?

E: Singer Aillee.

D: Singer Ailee gave you the photos?

E: Yes.

D: Why?

E: It may be hard to believe, but that is the situation.

D: You have to explain this to us for us to make a decision.

E: I was her boyfriend.

D: Excuse me?

E: I was her boyfriend.

D: So you recieved naked photos from her?

E: Naked…what does that mean? I can’t speak Korean well.

D: Ah, are you in Korea right now?

E: No.

D: Are you overseas?

E: Yes.

D: So you received the nude photos through Kakao Talk or a messenger?

E: Yes.

D: And you want to release them?

E: Hm, yes, I suppose so.

D: Just so you know, there might be legal troubles for you if you exchange the photos for money.

E: Oh, really?

D: Of course. Because they are private photos, if you were to disclose it to the press… because it’s not news.

E: Ah… I see. Your saying something different than XXXX (other media company). I understand. I will contact XXXX.

D: Yes, you can give to XXXX. That doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you are dealing with something dangerous.

E: Why? It’s not illegal.

D: Yes, it is illegal.

E: It’s not illegal in the U.S.

D: If Ailee’s people decide to take legal action because this is an invasion of privacy since they are private photos, it is something she can take to court.

If we were to take the photos, buy them from you, it would be a big deal, but it would be very dangerous for you. This is something you should think about. This is how it’s done in Korea.

If you recall the incident with XXX (celebrity), and other celebrity incidents, the people involved were all arrested and sued.It doesn’t matter who you give it to. You don’t have to give it to us. It doesn’t matter whom you sell it to.

The important thing is what you want to do is very dangerous and wrong. I don’t know if something bad happened to you, but this seems like the wrong way to go at it. If you sell those photos, you will be in trouble. Please think about it carefully.

E: Okay.

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