100% Sub-unit, 100% V, Releases Dramatic Teaser Images

Another K-Pop sub-unit is about to hit the scene, and this time, it’s from sexy boy group 100%!

Four members of 100%- Chan Yong, Jong Hwan, Rock Hyun, and Hyuk Jin– have come together to form a sub-unit, called 100% V, which focuses on vocals. Thus, according to its agency, the “V” stands for “voice” and “victoy,” and the unit will showcase a new image different from 100%.

The individual member photos show each member with looking moody and pensive in dramatic eye make-up, and styled in the this year’s trendy fall colors of black and red. 

100% V drops its album November 20.

100 percent v 1

100 percent v 2

100 percent v 3

100 percent v 4