Suzy Reveals Miss A Members No Longer Divide Individual Earnings Amongst the Team

Miss A‘s Suzy recently recorded for “Happy Together 3” for the girl groups and “uncle” fans special, with fellow miss A member Fei, A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji, and Minah from Girl’s Day.

In the middle of conversation about idols’ earnings, the MCs asked Suzy, “Since you are the most active out of the members of miss A, how do you divide your earnings?” 

Suzy replied, “At first, we divided everything among the four of us, but now we keep the earnings that come from our own personal activities.”

At this, Jung Eun Ji (A Pink) said that the six members of A Pink still divide the earnings six ways. She joked, “It’s about time for our CEO to change that.”

Check out the rest of the episode on Thursday night (November 14) at 11:10pm (KST)!