Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Poses With “Radio Star” Guests at Dinner Party

A member of Super Junior, Kyuhyun revealed a picture of himself posing with a few entertainers including singer Lim Chang Jung.

On November 13, Kyuhyun posted on his Twitter, “After work, I drank like there was no tomorrow with Lim Chang Jung and Jung Seong Hwa. Magician Hyun Woo didn’t drink but he did show us a fantastic magic show with our drinks! Maeng Seung Ji isn’t on the picture because she came late from a meeting. Let’s all watch ‘Radio Star‘ tonight at 11: 15 pm.”

In the picture, Kyuhyun is posing with the guests that have appeared on the latest episode of “Radio Star” including Lim Chang Jung, Jung Seong Hwa, and Choi Hyun Woo. The four people looked happy with their arms around each other and laughing at the camera. Maeng Seung Ji, a fellow comedian, was also one of the guests.