[Recap] Soompi Weekly Roundup November Week 2

All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your Weekly Soompi Roundup!

This week in celebrity news…

  • Did Minzy get plastic surgery? Her agency says no, but it looks like everyone else is saying yes.
  • Eunhyuk‘s Twitter got hacked multiple times. Meanwhile, I had fun with some of my Twitter friends thinking of possible passwords that he might have used. My favorites: “AnchoviesRulez7,” “TeukCanIBeLeader4Awhile,” “DonghaeIzMine,” “GummySmile1,” and “SujusRealVisual.” 
  • Lee Su Geun, Tak Jae Hoon, Tony Ahn, Gong Sung Su, Boom, Andy, and Yang Sae Hyung were indicted for illegal online gambling. This would have been a bigger deal if there wasn’t another big story that had just erupted that day.
  • Former T-Ara member Ahreum is kind of weird with her Instagram, and netizens cannot stand that. Let the girl be; if she wants to be weird, let her be weird. 
  • Sechs KiesGong Ji Yong is getting married! S#arp member Seo Ji Young is having a baby! It’s so weird to see these first generation idols moving on with their lives and growing up!

The fashion pictorial of the week goes to Siwon and Hyoyeon‘s black and white pictorial for L’uomo Vogue because it is classy.

Next…I always wanted to do that…

The music video of the week goes to Norazo‘s “Wild Horse.” All their songs may sound the same but all their songs are super catchy. Plus, they wear cool horse costumes. Can I get one too? I’ve always wanted to gallop on the beach.

Other notable music videos:

In other music news….

  • Infinity Challenge has removed “I Got C” from music stores because of the plagiarism controversy. It’s a shame, because the song is so catchy.
  • The name Nami may not ring a bell with new K-Pop fans but she is making a comeback after 17 years! I’m pretty sure some of you are younger than that!

The SNS picture of the week goes to Gong Yoo and his ability to be polite but look so nonchalant at the same time.

Next…I didn’t know the Giraffe could do that….

(Click play to watch them kiss~)

Woah, the Lee Kwang Soo can kiss! For a long time! While multitasking!

In other drama and film news…

  • Kangin has also been cast in a movie about a funeral for a cat. No, really. 

(Click the play button to watch these little kids run around)

A lot of fans were excited to see EXO on “Running Man.” Aw, they’re like little kids playing hide and seek.

  • SNL Korea parodied Trouble Makers‘ (Um, I’ve been spelling it as one word. Oops.) “Now” and I like this one better. I’m also a closeted Hwatu addict, so maybe that’s why.

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