2NE1’s Double Park Announces Emergency Press Conference

Sandara Park and Park Bom, also known as Double Park, have a very urgent to announcement to make!

On November 15, a poster of an emergency press conference was revealed through YG Entertainment‘s official blog YG Life. The conference will be held at YG’s famous cafeteria on November 18 at 9am. In the picture, you can see two microphones with “small Park” and “big Park” written on them placed on a desk with the famous Double Park logo.

It was recently reported that 2NE1 will be attending MAMA, and the fans have been speculating that the girls have uploaded photos taken at a music video set on their Instagram. Announcement of this sudden press conference has only made it clearer that 2NE1 is up to something exciting!

Double Park has been promoting artists of YG through short but interesting videos that truly radiate the two girls’ quirky personalities. A representative of YG revealed, “This emergency press conference is not a real one, but instead we will take the form it to make an entertaining video. It will be about 2NE1’s future plans and the group’s new song.”

The video will be revealed on November 18, so stay tuned!

double park conference