[Spoiler] Which Scene in Episode 10 of “Reply 1994” Drew in the Highest Ratings Yet?

Did you watch episode 10 of “Reply 1994” yet?

Aired Saturday, November 16 KST, episode 10 of “Reply 1994” was a doozy, as is every episode. Three major events happened in this episode: Na Jung directly confessed her true feelings to Trash oppa on the first day snow fell in the year of 1994, Chilbong confessed to Na Jung and surprised her with a kiss, and Sam Cheon Po and Yoon Jin shared their first kiss on a boat while watching the first sunrise of the new year.

“Reply 1994” is no stranger to breaking records, but it continues to break ground, recording a high of real-time ratings at 10.0% The scene that drew in this record-breaking rating was not any one of those exciting turning points listed above but a quiet, simple scene. It was the scene in which Yoon Jin, who doesn’t drink coffee because it makes her heart race, took the coffee Sam Cheon Po’s mother offered her. This gesture opened Sam Cheon Po’s eyes to a new side of Yoon Jin.

The average ratings for episode 10 was 8.8%. This was 0.7% higher than episode nine’s ratings, which was 8.1%.

Soompiers, which scene excited you the most in episode 10?

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