2NE1 Announces Comeback and World Tour, Reveals MV Teaser

Great news for 2NE1 fans!

On November 18, unnies Park Bom and Sandara Park aka Double Park released a video from their “urgent press conference.”

The first thing they talked about was their world tour, which will kickstart in March next year starting in Seoul and will also hit up countries in Asia including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. They’ve also mentioned wanting to tour the United States, Europe, and Africa, but the video quickly edited to the next segment. But as the countries mentioned only Asian countries, it seems like YG is ironing out the details for possible concerts in other continents.

The Park sisters also discussed 2NE1’s comeback, which will be just in a few days on November 21 and they’ll drop their new song “Missing You” as well as the music video at midnight.

The emotional track fits perfectly well with the night scene. The girls cried many times while recording the song in the recording studio and Dara, in particular, used up a whole box of kleenex to wipe her tears.

There was a section where reporters had a chance to ask questions and members Minzy and CL made special appearances as reporters.

The whole press conference was done in typical Double Park fashion, but if you want to fast forward to the music video teaser, go to the 7:29 mark. Enjoy!