[SPOILER] Who Did Tiny-G Do Hee’s First Kiss Go To?

Nineteen-year-old Tiny-G‘s Do Hee’s first kiss went to her co-star from “Reply 1994“, Kim Sung Kyun, a married man 14 years her senior.

Kim Sung Kyun (Sam Cheon Po) and Do Hee (Jo Yoon Jin) shared a sweet first kiss on the 10th episode of cable network tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama “Reply 1994,” broadcast on November 16. Sam Cheon Po and Do Hee had gone to visit Sam Cheon Po’s hometown, together with Na Jung (played by Go Ara) and Haitai (played by Son Ho Joon), but only the two of them got on the boat to watch the sun rise at sea. The romantic trip ended with Sam Cheon Po confessing his love to Yoon Jin, and kissing her as the sun rose from the horizon.

On “Reply 1994,” the couple has the largest age difference compared with the other possible couples. In the drama, Do Hee and Kim Sung Kyun play a 20 year old and an 18 year old respectively, but in reality, they share an age gap of 14 years. Do Hee was born in 1994, while Kim Sung Kyun was born in 1980 and is already married.

Do Hee turned 19 this year, and this kiss scene is likely to be something she will never forget. While this was her first kiss scene after debut, she’s also never been kissed in real life until now.

An insider revealed that, “Do Hee was very nervous about her first kiss scene. However, it came out very nicely. It was also Do Hee’s first kiss in her life.”

In an interview before the broadcast aired, Do Hee laughed, while saying shyly, “I have to be careful about what I say because the episode hasn’t been broadcasted. I was very embarrassed. It was my first kiss… But my first kiss turned out to be to a married man.”

Interestingly, Kim Sung Kyun’s wife turned out to be worried for Do Hee, “To give your first kiss to a married man… I feel bad for her. We have to meet her and feed her something delicious.”

“Reply 1994” has been doing very well in the ratings, with November 16’s 10th episode gaining an average rating of 8.8% and peak ratings of 10.0%, making it first place in cable, satellite and IPTV combined ratings in its time slot.

Tiny G Do Hee First Kiss