Lee Kwang Soo Remains Unmoved by Suzy’s Beauty on “Running Man”

Lee Kwang Soo snorted at Suzy’s attempts to use her beauty against him.

The November 17 episode of SBS “Running Man” featured special guests, baseball star Ryu Hyun Jin and miss A’s Suzy, as the cast went on a late autumn MT (membership training).

The episode showed various missions that the “Running Man” members and their guests, Ryu Hyun Jin and Suzy, undertook to obtain money for their MT.

During a game of dodgeball, Lee Kwang Soo won the right to attack and Suzy tried to use her aegyo on him, telling Kwang Soo, “I’m a fan of yours,” while sneakily trying to get the ball from him.

This brought a broad smile to Lee Kwang Soo’s face, but he replied, “Don’t make me laugh!” and went ahead with his merciless attack, causing laughs all around.

While Suzy failed with her plan to use her beauty, Ryu Hyun Jin showed off amazing shots during the dodgeball game, succeeding in his spy mission to pick all the “Running Man” members off, ultimately earning him the victory.

Running Man Suzy and Kwang Soo