YB and Lena Park Remake Turbo’s “December” for an Acoustic Version + Video

Remaking a classic is not an easy task, but can we say YB (Yoon Do Hyun) and Lena Park (Park Jung Hyun) have succeeded?

The two talented singers have come together for their first duet, releasing an acoustic remake version of Turbo‘s “December” (aka “Hwesang”). This song is the theme song for the pair’s upcoming concert titled, “2013 YB + Park Jung Hyun Concert- That Year, Winter.” The concert takes place from December 23-25 in Seoul, and then moves on to the rest of Korea in a six-city tour lasting into January 2014. 

While we don’t get a full version of the remake, take a listen and tell us, which version do you like better? Turbo’s or YB and Lena Park’s?

Turbo (Kim Jong Kook and Mikey)