Crayon Pop Is Ready to Celebrate Christmas with a New Track

Five-cylinder group Crayon Pop will be releasing a new single soon! The group released teaser images through their official Facebook page for the song “Kkurismas,” a play on the word “Christmas.” The image collection was released with the question, “[What happens] on November 26?” Appropriately, the members of Crayon Pop are dressed up as little Christmas trees and topped off with golden star. They look adorable with their white mittens and aegyo poses.

Crayon Pop also released non-official teasers, probably taken when the members were being photographed for the official ones. They wear the same outfits and look more adorable with even more aegyo.

“Kkurimas” drops November 26.

In related news, concern arose about member ChoA after an over enthusiatic fan ran up on stage and tried to hug her. Netizens were concerned that ChoA might have been sexually harrassed, but the group’s agency explained, “The manager pulled him away immediately, and fortunately there was not much physical contact. We decided to let him off with a warning.” 

crayon pop christmas teaser 2

crayon pop christmas teaser