Learn More About Talented Rookie Singer NC.A Through Her Self-Interview

On November 18, LOEN Entertainment posted a fun little interview with talented rookie singer NC.A. Born on October 7, 1996, she debuted just this past August with the song, “My Student Teacher.” In her interview, NC.A answered questions about herself in a classroom through a test. When asked how she feels about taking a test, she says she’s nervous, and that it looks a lot longer than expected. Right before the ‘test,’ she adorably expresses her concern: “What if I answer the questions incorrectly even though it’s about me?”

Here are the questions below:

1. What does NC.A mean?

2. Who are you the closest with within your agency?

3. What song did you sing the most before becoming a singer?

4. Fill in the blank. NC.A is very __________.

5. What’s your personality like?

6. What’s your hobby?

7. Which star do you resemble?

8. Who’s the closest to your ideal guy out of celebrities?

9. What’s the expression or pose that you have the most confidence in?

10. What is your best personal talent?

11. What are other fields of entertainment that you want to try out?

12. What do you want to do most when you succeed?

13. What are your worries nowadays?

14. Make a three-line poem with N, C, and A.

15. What is the highlight of your new song, “Oh My God?”

16. How did you feel about this test?

To find out the answers to these questions, check out NC.A’s cute interview below! It comes fully equipped with English and Japanese subtitles.

Also below is NC.A’s “Oh My God” music video!

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