2AM’s Jinwoon Gives Update on His Injury, Has Two Months of Physical Therapy Left

2AM‘s Jung Jinwoon has updated us on his injury from a previous car accident last month by revealing, “I have two months left until I’m done with the physical therapy.”

On November 19, the 2AM members revealed the practice set for their upcoming concert, “Nocturne” at the M Concert Hall in Seoul.

During the event, Jinwoon stated, “I was admitted from the hospital on November 14. I realized I was there for 39 days. I’m currently receiving treatment. I am not fully recovered yet.”

Lastly, Jinwoon said, “It still hurts but I heard that I still have two more months of physical therapy left.”

Changmin also added, “Since Jinwoon had to record with an injury, he felt very sorry but at the same time, I think he got more mature.”

Previously, Jinwoon suffered a serious car accident in early October, colliding with a 25-ton truck. He was diagnosed with a fractured right ankle, and a 10-centimeter long laceration, which required him to receive surgery and physical therapy.

Meanwhile, 2AM’s “Nocturne” concert will be held from December 7 to Demceber 8 at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium. 2AM also pre-released one of their songs on November 19 titled, “Just Stay,” which is ranking in the top ten charts on various music portals.